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Questions about TRANTOR?

TRANTOR is a Horizon Europe project funded by the European Union whose vision is to perform a significant step forward by paving the path for the 5G NTN evolution towards 6G.

TRANTOR targets the in-orbit validation of a complete satellite value chain involving an automated management of satellite resources across multiple bands, satellites, and orbits, and a converged radio access network. Specifically, at the ground segment, TRANTOR targets the development of novel satellite network management solutions, fully integrated in the 3GPP management framework, which allow the significant scaling up of heterogeneous satellite traffic demands and capacities in a cost-effective, highly dynamic, band and orbit agnostic manner.

TRANTOR is a demonstration oriented project, whose final demonstrations are planned by the end of 2025.

Sure! TRANTOR is composed by top industries of satellite communications that will lead this revolutionary step.