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Demonstration #6

Demo #6

Multiorbital, multi-band transmission using a GEO and a drone-emulated LEO satellites

This scenario puts together all previous scenarios considering a multi-band transmission from a LEO and a GEO satellite.

On top of the TRANTOR capabilities already validated in previous demonstrations, this framework requires and permits validating the efficient use of the UE-antenna aperture resources for multiorbital connectivity. Besides, it requires the basic functionality of an IME, managing resources across two independent satellite systems. In this case, the frequency resource and traffic management will not only consider the channel conditions or the efficient use of resources but also the large difference between the propagation path across the LEO and GEO orbits and the latency requirements of the user streams (i.e., low latency packets must be transmitted over LEO network).

In this demonstration framework, involving multiple satellite systems and the presence of an IME on top of them, we will also validate the main functionalities of TRANTOR security keeper, to demonstrate a secure management across the heterogeneous network. In addition, a comprehensive TRA campaign to assess and validate network security resilience will be performed.

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