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Demonstration #2

Demo #2

End-to-End single band connectivity with a single drone-emulated LEO satellite

This scenario is similar to Demonstration 1, but with a LEO satellite instead of GEO.

Besides the capabilities already validated in the GEO case, this demonstration will permit demonstrating UE-A capabilities to track a LEO satellite using 5G NR waveform and beam management procedures as well as to compensate the high Doppler shift produced by the low-high satellite orbit. Therefore, two major challenges are present in this scenario: pointing capabilities and Doppler shift compensation, even before the initial handshake to the network occurs. As stated before, a drone-Emulated LEO framework will be adopted to test connectivity and tracking with the UE-A. Therefore, no NMS will be used and the gateway will just perform upconversion and transmission to the drone.

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