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Towards real world


TRANTOR is a demonstration-oriented project, where pilots and proof-of-concepts are one of the pillars. Together with all the partners, TRANTOR completes a set of 6 demonstrations using real deployments, infrastructure and resources.


Baseline scenario demonstrating the basic support to end-to-end 5G NR connectivity over a GEO satellite.

Date: June 2024

Demo #2

This scenario is similar to baseline demonstration, but with an emulated LEO satellite instead of GEO.

Date: June 2024

Demo #3

This scenario is similar to baseline demonstration but exploiting on-board processing capabilities for CU/DU splitting.

Date: December 2024


This scenario is an extended multiend case, where the UE has Advanced capabilities to receive in multiple bands, specifically Ku and Ka.

Date: December 2025

Demo #5

This scenario puts together all previous scenarios considering a multi-band transmission from a LEO and a GEO satellite.

Date: December 2025

Demo #6

This demonstration extends the previous scenario by considering that the two bands are transmitted from different GEO satellites, thus the UE-A has Advanced multi-satellite (i.e., multiTRP capabilities).

Date: December 2025

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