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Architectures for ENTN

This document describes the architectures and the extension of network components needed to achieve resource management, orchestration, operability, and AI governance, embracing and efficiently managing the RAN technologies for multiorbital, multiband, and multiTRP scenarios defined for the project. Finally, it will study the impact of novel architectures adapted to scenarios, use cases, and services proposed for the project.


This deliverable delineates the accessible datasets as a preliminary input for devising the data-centric radio control and routing techniques. Its primary objective is to efficiently oversee the assets of a satellite system encompassing multiple frequencies and orbits, aiming to integrate the diverse characteristics of user terminal traffic for the specified scenarios outlined in document D2.1. Within this framework, this report offers recommendations regarding the characteristics and the application of the recognized open datasets for the TRANTOR project. These datasets will subsequently find application in the formulation of radio resource management and routing solutions founded on Artificial Intelligence techniques.

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