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Single- and Multi-Connectivity for Multi-Satellite 6G Communication Networks

The fifth paper of TRANTOR paper series is about multiconnectivity in 6G NTN, a fundamental pillar of TRANTOR.

This study explores the connectivity strategies for downlink multi-satellites in 6G communication networks. We begin with concepts, technologies, and trade-offs of Single-Connectivity (SC) and Multi-Connectivity (MC). Within the realm of MC, we present three different scenarios, one of which serves as a case study with a particular emphasis on Dual Connectivity (DC). This DC is performed between Geostationary Earth Orbit (GEO) and Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellites for public safety systems. To improve reliability, we consider packet duplication mechanisms in addition to multi-band satellite capabilities. This supports the LEO link, addresses its limited availability, and facilitates a smooth handover between LEO satellites. Using link-level simulation, outage probability is examined by comparing the SC and MC modes under normal and adverse weather conditions. The findings of this study pave the way for more research to enhance connectivity solutions for more reliable and efficient global communication networks by bringing to light the MC opportunities for multi-satellite systems.

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